Africa International Training Facilities


Why Choose Us?

Our main objective is to provide a professional and learner-focused orientated service training the unemployed and employed from low to high-skilled.

Experience Instructors

The external and internal accredited facilitators, assessors and moderators contracted are highly competent with extensive industry experience.

Accommodation Available

There is accommodation for 100 residence learners with three full meals from the canteen, including entertainment facilities that offers a pool table, cable TV and Gym

Accredited Courses

Our courses are outcome based, structured to comply with SAQA and NQF requirements


It has been insured that all training and facility standards are in line with SAQA and National Quality Framework requirements with the unique AITF virtual workplace blend.

Building and construction






Short Courses

Facility & Accommodation


Course Accreditations

We put high priority in ensuring that the relevant accreditation’s are met and maintained.  Our courses has been designed to provide the student with the industry relevant certifications, recognized by industry for maximum employability.

We are registered with the following bodies:

  • Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA)
  • Manufacture, Engineering and Related Services Seta (MERSETA)
  • Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA)
  • Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA)
  • Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB)
  • Registered Solar Geyser Training Facility
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